Dragon’s blood has a wide range of applications thanks to it is high level of antioxidants. The sap is used for different healing purposes and below you will find directions for its main uses:

Healing & Closing Wounds Apply directly on wound. The resin will disinfect and create a sort of second layer skin over the wound.
Herpes Taken internally and applied topically. Drip 10-12 drops in to cup of water twice each day. Apply directly on the infected area.
Mouth Ulcers Wash mouth with clean water containing 10-12 drops of the resin.
Skin Burn Apply directly on the burn area and rub the resin until you get a white sticky layer. Let it dry on the skin and apply again every few hours.








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Caution: The resin will stain your skin temporarily (will wash off) but will stain your cloths permanently.